Vision & Mission Statement


In today’s vehicle maintenance management climate, technological systems play a major role in monitoring and managing vehicle operation and maintenance. Managing maintenance, diagnosing and repairing vehicles can be time consuming and costly. Without the right vehicle management and monitoring technology a business will not thrive, or even survive. With so many options available it can be a daunting task for businesses to decide which solution is the right choice for them. Added to this difficulty is the fact that no two businesses are ever the same.

Our Mission

To inspire and create innovative technological fleet maintenance, economic and environmental control and monitoring systems that empower customers, drive efficiencies and contribute to successful business.

Eyeability’s mission is to better the everyday working life for as many people as possible. We achieve this by increasing the reliability, reducing costs and building efficiencies for businesses and its employees in the automotive trade. We support this vision by offering a wide range of the latest market leading vehicle monitoring and management technological products which have either been designed by us, or provided by partners who we know and trust, at prices that all businesses can afford.

The Difference

At Eyeability we don’t believe in just “another contract” we see contract working as a true partnership. By being your partner, when your business grows ours will grow with you, therefore, we will work hand in hand with you to support you and to ensure your success by offering the right solutions at the right price. We achieve this by combining all of your vehicle monitoring and maintenance management needs into one complete package, which reduces costs and at the same time offers a one point of call for all your technological vehicle maintenance and monitoring business needs.