Key Features

Driver Rating & Behaviour

The system tracks vehicle movement and location, road speed, speed violation, distance travelled, journey times, harsh braking events and fuel use. It also monitors idling, sharp turns and sharp lane changes.

Engine Fault Code Diagnostic

The engine diagnostic system registers faults in the system offering possible causes and risks. The screen shows vehicle status including vehicle and engine speeds, coolant and air temperature.

Fleet Health Board Overview

Offers a high level live fleet view including vehicle details, faults, alerts, driver scores, maintenance status and trend information. Additional drill down options and maintenance calendar access are available.

Fleet Status Dashboard

Fleet status dashboard shows the total number of vehicles, number mobile, stationary and parked. The screen displays individual vehicle status reports including engine and battery, driver score and SOS alert.

Utilisation Report Dashboard

Utilisation report dashboard displays an overview of fleet status by defined date range. The report provides fuel, health, mileage, idling, utilisation time and savings made on hours, fuel and maintenance.

Vehicle Track Information

Vehicle tracking information includes RPM, speed, location, average speed and mileage. Tracking is real time with a 10-second refresh rate. Snail trail activity reports are available.