Commercial Vehicle Repairs


✅ Up-to-date live information on the status of your vehicle.

✅ Vehicle diagnostics & DTC codes checks and understanding.

✅ MOT testing & certificates, all classes including trailers.

✅ Fuel economy monitoring with emissions management.

✅ Full vehicle service management, scheduling & vehicle checks.

✅ Dealer approved parts from Iveco, Mercedes, Fiat & many more.

✅ 24/7 breakdown recovery & repairs

✅ Tyre supply & fitments. Body repair & fabrication.


Fleet Management System


✅ Online portals with your own sign on for live views and reports.

✅ Regional hot spots to identify hazards & dangerous routes.

✅ Live instant vehicle diagnostics, DTC codes which can be reset.

✅ Telephone recording & call reports to our technical centre.

✅ Fuel economy monitoring with emissions management.

✅ Two way communication with the driver in real time. For example, if the vehicle overheated or has severe engine problems.

✅ Vehicle tracking & geo fencing.

✅ Monitoring & reporting, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.